How to Win the PCSO Lottery Every Week – Part 1

Is this for real?
Is it really possible to win the lottery every week?
Can anyone really predict that with 100% certainty?

If that were possible and a system was available to guarantee it then wouldn’’t everyone want to get in on the act? And if they did of course then the very foundation of lotteries worldwide would crumble. There would be more expenditure than income. Not a very viable business venture I think you’ll agree?

It’s absolutely crazy to suggest that anyone has the power to win every week. Or the magic. Or the mathematical knowledge. Or whatever. So… how can I make claim to the title of this little publication?

Simple -– I do win the lottery every week!

And I’ll be showing how you can do it too!
The fact is…literally anyone can do this. You can do this. It’s not only legal – it’s totally
ethical and is based upon two of the richest lotteries in the world.

Why doesn’t everyone do this?

Do you know – I’m not sure.
Maybe it’s scepticism.
Maybe it sounds too good to be true.
Maybe people are afraid.
Maybe they don’t understand.

I believe the main reason though is that they simply aren’t aware of it. Millions of people buy lottery tickets all over the world but in comparison there’s a mere handful that are aware that there’s a far better way to play.

A smarter way. A way to increase your chances phenomenally and to the point where you really can’t fail to win every week!

Many years ago an American set out to be a huge jackpot winner. Attracted by the gigantic jackpots in one of the main USA lotteries he actually set up an office and a business and recruited and paid people to go out and buy tickets.

He’d set up a computer to run off all the combinations of numbers and then paid hundreds of people out to buy them. He won the lottery and made his fortune.

It must have been a logistical nightmare organizing – but it worked. If, however, you’re thinking you have to go out and arrange a similar operation then forget it. This is so much easier but may take a little longer. Follow my guidelines and you will win.

And you’ll eventually win every week.

How to Win the PCSO Lottery Every WeekPart 2

Updated: September 17, 2017 — 9:09 pm


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  1. Maria Pilar U.Anggoy

    How to win lottery ticket

  2. Please bigyan niyo po ako lagi ng swertres number,gusto ko po manalo.

  3. Please give me a hearing number in swertres para ma try ko po na manalp salamat!
    God bless

  4. Please give me a hearing number in swertres para ma try ko po na manalo salamat!
    God bless

  5. swertres number ang hihigiin ko

  6. Pls give me a swertres target everyday.

  7. Bigyan nyo naman ako ng hearing # plsss…. Thank you…. God blessed you….

  8. Good day!!!I want to experience kung gaano kasaya manalo ng swertres or lotto.please help me po!!!thanks

  9. Pls give me target swertres number everyday

  10. hihingi sana ng swertes number

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  13. Pahingi po ng swertres number… Maawa po kayu sa amin… Sobrang hirap po namin

  14. pls mam/sir give me an combination today for my son plss hope you will help me. thanks and GOD Bless

  15. Pahingi po ng swertres no.# po pang 4pm sa simulat pag taya ko sa swertres hindi pa Ako nakaranas nang panalo thanks

  16. Maam and sir gd pm po pahingi po ng swertres number pang 4pm ,9pm malaki na Kasi talo ko Dito ehh please

  17. Please gave me a lucky suertres #:

  18. Plss sir pa hinge ng numero para bukas tatayaan ko.. Salamat

  19. Maam @ sir phnge nman ako pls 3D tska EZ 2…

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